How Do I Cancel My Owl Account?

If you are closing your private practice, or need to leave Owl at any time, please follow the directions below to ensure you pull all of the correct information from your Owl account.

If you are retiring or going on sabbatical, Owl can store your client information for you with our Maintenance Plans. Check out our FAQ for more information on that option.

To cancel your Owl Practice plan, please reach out to We will help walk you through the cancellation process. A Customer Advocate will contact you to confirm your account is cancelled once this is completed.

Complete these two tasks to export your data from Owl Practice:
  1. Data Export - Head to Dashboard > Data Export. In this tab, you’ll see several ways you can export your Owl Practice data. Simply set the date range you need the data for, click on “Export”, and Owl will download a file containing the information you’ve requested. You will then be able to open it in Excel to use going forward.
  2. Client Export - You can export your client notes, documents, logs, and more by heading to a Client’s Profile and selecting 'Client Export' from the sidebar. The zip file containing the information will be saved to your Clients > Exports page, which you can download the next day (as these requests are processed nightly).